Anna Osowska is a single mother and the founder of "Silaczki", an organisation integrating Polish women from Bristol and the surrounding areas, she is the organiser, and coordinator of all projects  supporting other charities. As she says: " I have met many good people - especially in the most difficult and tragic moments in my life and because of them I started to regain faith that the world is not so terrible but we have to choose wisely the people who surround us. I have re-evaluated my life and have simply begun to enjoy it my way.

Why ‘Silaczki’?  I want to empower other women with positive energy, determination, to give them courage and motivation, also to build up my own strength and courage and motivation. Because of these wonderful women who joined my meetings and helped  to deliver my projects, it is really  accumulates a huge amount of energy to act and to do even more''.

In 2015, she organised a charity event in Bath with the participation of Ms Ewa Błaszczyk for the 'Akogo' Foundation, cooperated with Polish schools as chairwoman of the board and director.

She has already organised with ‘Silaczki’ several large Polish events in Bristol - over the course of four years, she also supports the activities of local communities.

Anna has an enormous gift for attracting good energy and passes it on to others with double power!