A mother of three children, radiating full life and love for people. She came to Great Britain for one purpose… to give her children an easier start.

She discovered her sensitivity to the suffering of others when she was still a teenager in the Medical Secondary School. The hardships of life prevented her from completing her diploma, but at the age of 49 Beata decided to achieve her goal and graduated from high school. As she says, she has always been driven by an inner strength that allowed her to overcome all difficulties. 

Currently, she is developing professionally and doing what she loves the most - helping others. In recent years, she has been working on changing her image, which she considers to be one of the foundations of emotional and mental health, especially in women.

Violence in the family has accompanied her from childhood, so now she wants to help other women to free themselves from violence and avoid suffering. Years of working on herself, on her thinking, have made her strong today and she wants to support other women very much, she wants to inspire them and encourage them to act and love themselves.

Beata says: "Change your thinking and you will change your life"