Find information to better understand the issues and what you can do to help yourself or others. You will find some supportive videos in the information and support section of this website. 

Here are supportive documents for victims of domestic abuse in Polish language

Bezpieczeństwo w internecie.pdf

Bezpieczne zakwaterowanie.pdf

Rodzicielskie uprowadzenie dziecka.pdf

Twoje prawa.pdf

Tworzenie planu bezpieczeństwa.pdf

Ustalenia dotyczące dzieci po separacji.pdf

Please also find informational leaflets about Opoka in English and Polish language. 

Opoka information leaflet in english.pdf

Ulotka informacyjna Opoki.pdf

Here you can find Polish Embassy response to questions asked by Opoka in regards to Brexit and post Brexit support from the Embassy

Pytania do Konsulatu RP.pdf