Janusz Klich is a lawyer qualified to practice in Poland (since 2006) and in the UE zone, specialised in trans- jurisdictional regulations. He is a Polish Legal Advisor (on the roll under No. OP-785/06) and a Legal Advisor enlisted by CCBE - Représentant les advocates d'Europe (License No: 4800-02665). In 2012 he was also admitted by the Solicitor Regulation Authority to practice as a Registered European Lawyer in England & Wales. With his professional credentials, Janusz has attendance rights at the courts in Poland, The European Courts in Luxembourg and The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

He started his legal career in 2002 serving as a public prosecutor, responsible for investigating tax crimes and representing the interests of the Ministry of Finances. Later, he was captured by a local law firm where he worked as a litigator and legal advisor. He dealt with trans-border family law cases (divorces, separations, children abductions, litigation concerning child maintenance and parental rights and custody agreements).

From there, Janusz moved to the UK where he became legal counsel for foreign service providers within the construction industry. He also worked for financial organisations regulated by the FCA. Later, he was working for London branch of US law firm Morgan, Lewis & Buckius where he led a team of foreign solicitors investigating breaching of embargos.

Currently Janusz works for a leading Alternative Legal Service Provider where he specialise in managing services and regulatory remediation projects.

Janusz’s non-profit activity was always focused on helping members of a local Polish community, especially those experiencing domestic violence. Since Opoka’s inception in 2012 he acts as its ad hoc consultant, supporting this organisation thru guiding on legal issues pertain to family and employment law, welfare and migration.