New project to help children and young people

Opoka has been awarded a community mental health grant from THRIVE Bristol to provide specialist support to children and young people who are at risk of domestic violence or live in households where other people are victims.

Our programme will work closely with local schools and reach out to children who need support. During our 12 month programme, we will

  • raise awareness and work with local schools and colleges
  • provide professional training briefing sessions to help teachers and carers in the schools and colleges to identify children at risk, understand how to support them and where to get help.
  • provide support sessions for children who are at risk in a safe environment on the campus during term time.
  • provide one to one emotional and psychological support sessions for high risk children and young people and those suffering from trauma

We typically work with Polish families because we provide specialist bilingual support services for domestic violence however, we will not exclude any children if they will benefit from our support.

If your school is interested or if you are a parent looking to support your child, please get in touch.

Why Opoka is best placed to help  

Opoka has been working to improve the lives of Polish women and their families since 2012. We offer safe and specialist support to help women, children and young people who experience domestic violence to improve their lives and build a better future. We provide opportunities to help families move forward and begin their recovery free from violence and abuse.

The difference we make

Opoka’s aim is for women and their children to have greater freedom from all forms of domestic violence and abuse and for those who do experience domestic violence and abuse benefit from greater care, support, justice, and other services needed to ensure physical and mental health, social wellbeing and financial security. 

Since May 2012, we have helped more than 3,000 women and children with longer term and complex cases to improve their lives. In 2019 we managed 12,000 enquiries, supported 4,154 women needing short term help and helped 89% of our clients to improve their health and 92% improve their immediate safety.