Not all relationships are healthy. You deserve one that is.

Healthy relationships

Healthy relationships are based on equality & respect with the other person   

You make decisions together and can openly discuss whatever you’re dealing with, like relationship problems and sexual choices. You enjoy spending time together but can be happy apart.

• respect

• good communication

• trust

• honest

• equality

Unhealthy relationships

Unhealthy relationships are based on attempts to control the other person

One person tries to make most of
the decisions. He or she may pressure their partner about sex or refuse to
see how their actions can hurt. In an unhealthy relationship, you feel like you should only spend time with your partner.

• breaks in communication

• pressure

• dishonesty

• struggles for control

• inconsiderate behaviour

Abusive relationships

Abusive relationships are based on an imbalance of power & control

One person is making all the decisions— about sexual choices, friend groups, boundaries, even what’s true and what’s not. You spend all of your time together and feel like you can’t talk to other people, especially about what’s really happening in your relationship.

• accusations

• blame shifting

• isolation pressure

• manipulation