Aneta Mackell, Trustee

Aneta is a survivor and founder of Opoka a culturally specific service for Polish women and their children experiencing domestic violence and abuse in the UK. For the past 11 years, she has worked as a specialist bilingual victim advocate with in-depth knowledge of dealing with domestic violence and sexual abuse. She is accredited as a bilingual IDVA, ISVA, and YPVA. She holds a Diploma in Domestic Violence Prevention and Early Intervention with a proven tracking record of developing and managing specialist services. Aneta has the ability to offer safe and effective support in carrying out interventions in domestic violence situations and when working to prevent the further development of domestic violence situations. She has developed as an individual in a variety of roles within the Victim Support and Domestic Abuse sector, such as specialist IDVA ISVA, DV Outreach, and Young Persons Violence Advisor bringing a range of skills and knowledge that are essential for any professional offering emotional support and information to victims of violence and abuse. Her latest project is Safe Houses with specialist and structured support for Polish women and their children, which was opened on the 26th of May 2023.


Sylwia Jatczak, Chair

Is a qualified solicitor in England and Wales, currently working at a regional law firm, Harrison Clark Rickerbys, dealing with all aspects of property litigation. Before her career in law, Sylwia worked for Avon and Somerset Constabulary supporting the most vulnerable victims of crimes and guiding them through the criminal justice system. Sylwia's main focus in that role was centered around assisting men and women affected by domestic abuse and safeguarding their children from the impact they were likely to suffer.  Sylwia also has experience in family law, including obtaining Non-Molestation Orders, Child Arrangements Orders, and divorce proceedings. Sylwia has been supporting Opoka since 2013. 

Joanna Szuryn, Trustee   

Joanna has worked in the field of Gender-Based Violence in the UK for over a decade and brings in unique expertise in designing, delivering, and leading interventions for families experiencing domestic abuse and perpetrators. Joanna is a qualified Independent Domestic Violence Advisor and a Domestic Homicide Review Chair. Joanna holds level 2 certification in Narrative Practice and has trained to deliver the Recovery Toolkit Programmes. Joanna also is an experienced educator and a Certified Safe and Together Trainer. Joanna's previous professional background is in teaching, training, and international business development. Joanna is a passionate advocate for the rights of all women and children and believes that by working together we will eradicate domestic abuse in our lifetime. As a Trustee of Opoka Joanna is proud to champion the right of Polish women and children living in the UK to safety, freedom from abuse, and happiness. 

Aneta Wrzos-Porada, Trustee

Entrepreneur, financier by education, the soul of an artist by vocation. Privately a Survivor of domestic abuse, and a proud mother raising independently three wonderful children. Networking specialist in the health industry, combined with personal development and business has taught her to look at life from a different perspective and with more joy. Through the health industry, Aneta has become passionate about self-development and travel. She is an ambassador for an international company that specialises in cruise trips. It is through this company that she has dispelled the myth that 'only the rich' can travel on cruise ships. Aneta loves to help others and believes that good deeds come back to those who do good to others. Aneta helps others achieve their dreams and build a better future. She is creating a community of independent individuals striving for health, happiness, and lifestyle change. On her path, she meets people who ask her: "How do you find the time to dance, swim, learn new things, travel, and still be smiling?" Then she replies: life is beautiful and it's a shame to waste a minute. Here and now is the time to enjoy it and that's what I do!  Aneta completed Opoka’s recovery programs from domestic abuse and now she feels very passionate about helping other women escape from the hostile environment.