Opoka is a one-of-a-kind and the first original specialist bi-lingual domestic abuse service in the UK.

We are proud to be able to offer for the first time our Safe Structured Supported Accommodation in our large, shared House with tertiary move-on self-contained flats for Polish Women who are single or with Children up to 10 years old.

 We are now OPEN! and accepting referrals.

 Any offers are subject to strict criteria that must be satisfied for the safety and viability of the provision offered.


Our Safe Houses

‘OAZA-1’ and ‘OAZA-2’

Opoka believes that no one should have to live with domestic abuse and sexual violence. Especially those who have additionally faced multiple barriers that discriminate and heighten inequality simply because they require higher levels of support due to their cultural identities, nationality, language needs, or status in the UK.  

We provide amongst many other specialist services, safe, secure, and structured supported housing to Polish women who are single or have no more than 2 children up to 10 years old and who need it most. 

Who is the service for? 

  • Women with or without children who are survivors of domestic violence. 

  • Have no more than two children of school age maximum of 10 years old 

  • Find it difficult to find and access support and suitable housing.

  • Struggle to access services because of language barriers or awareness of provision available.

  • Are isolated, vulnerable, and are limited financially.

  • Who are unable to access safe, appropriate, and culturally sensitive support in the Polish language elsewhere.

  • Have no severe and enduring mental health diagnosis and or addiction or alcoholism.

  • Can or do access public funds (housing benefits, ESA, or other statutory benefits)

Why are we best placed to help?

Opoka is an award-winning service and is affiliated with the Women’s Aid Federation of England (WAFE), recognising, and demonstrating our commitment to equality, excellence, fairness, professionalism, and highly specialised evidence-based service provision.

We have over 11 years of experience in helping Polish women who have suffered from domestic violence to transform their lives. Opoka’s services are delivered by Polish women with life experience of domestic violence. The founder and director personally experienced and survived life-threatening and enduring violence during her first marriage. 

Since 2012, Opoka has come a long way and has grown and expanded to meet the needs of the Polish community and has reached thousands of vulnerable and isolated women and children throughout the United Kingdom. 

Our OAZA homes 

OAZA homes provide a safe roof over women's and children’s heads and the specialist support that is needed at such a challenging and difficult time.  Our highly trained, female domestic abuse practitioners provide trauma-informed support to help survivors and their children understand, safely process, and recover from their abuse.

They help families to build on their strengths, plan confidently for the future, and to develop the resilience to live safe and happy lives, free from abuse. OAZA homes are affiliated with the Women’s Aid Federation of England (WAFE) which means that we fully support the WAFE principle of an open-door policy, believing women’s accounts of their experiences rather than requiring independent proof or evidence of domestic abuse.

Our facilities

The accommodations are designed to the highest of standards and are spacious, well-appointed, and safe, which include in our self-contained flats sole-use kitchens, bathing and lounge, and bedroom facilities to enable families to provide for themselves where appropriate. 

Our shared home has a vast array of communal facilities including a larger shared kitchen, some en-suite provisions, and other relaxation zones, technology, and information zones, including safe spaces for children.

Rooms in our shared homes have sufficient space to enable us to adapt and flex according to the needs and size of families. A small confidential space is provided to meet with staff and our offices for our support workers are nearby, there is also outdoor garden space with facilities for relaxation and for children to play.

Our program structure.

Our safe and specialist-supported housing program typically lasts between 12 weeks and up to where appropriate 2 years.

  • Firstly, we will assess an application for suitability against our criteria and availability of accommodation.
    (Due to the urgency of needs, this process usually takes up to 24 hours.)

  • Upon acceptance, we will meet women in a public or other designated safe place to discuss our accommodation, the support we provide, and the house rules. We will then if appropriate accompany them to their new accommodation. 

  • In the first month when they are settling in, we will provide a dedicated bilingual support worker and access to support daily to help them with any needs they might have. This includes helping them with safety planning, accessing services, finding schools and healthcare for their children, and support to navigate the local community. 

  • Our support will be tailored to individuals and families to ensure they have the right level of help to start a new life. We will also provide individual counseling for women and their children as well as group support sessions with the other members of the house. 

  • When they are deemed and feel ready, they will be offered where appropriate a move from the shared housing to our self-contained flats.

  • Group support and peer mentoring are critical elements of this stage.

  • At this stage, we will encourage you to access skills development, college placements, and work experience including other practical support needs. 

  • The aim will be to progress towards independent accommodation.

At the end and during the support program, we will encourage you to secure your own housing and support you to resettle in your own home once this has been established. We have an open-door policy and an aftercare program, and we always stay connected to support your progress and offer ongoing advice and support if available and when needed to provide peer-related support activities in the future.

How many places can we offer?

Currently, we can offer places for 5 Polish women with younger children in our shared accommodation, and for 4 in self-contained flats. Presently, we have one property with 5 bedrooms and one property with 4 self-contained flats.

We take a holistic approach to supporting Polish Women and Children to achieve positive changes and outcomes as it is important to recognise that they may face multiple complex issues. In our experience, Women who have survived domestic violence are also discriminated against and have some related mental health needs. Our first and primary priority is always to support women with their immediate need for safety and to help them access support to address any obvious health issues.  Only then will we engage with them to help them build confidence and to support them in their recovery journeys.


Contact details:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0117 472 0012