A Polish woman who has won many titles: “Mrs Ireland” in 2014, a “Style Queen”, and “Mrs Dublin” in London in 2014. Then “Mrs Ireland Europe in the final in Bulgaria winning the title “Miss Personality” and Congeniality Award, in Minsk in 2015 Mrs Ireland Universe won “Mrs Charisma Sash” and “Mrs Ireland World” in China in 2016.

Monika came to Ireland during her studies in 2004. It was here that she met her husband and started a family. Monika Walsh studied Pedagogy, in Ireland, Monika prepared pre-school children to start school. She also worked in a Polish school as a teacher, helping Poles to learn the English language.

In 2015 in Bulgaria during the competition, Monika took part in the discussions about Domestic Violence. It was then that she decided to change the popularity and opportunities of the media and the international scene to help women who suffered Domestic Violence and Abuse. After that Monika started raising awareness about Domestic Violence she got involved in the campaign “Queens without Scars” and started her own “Let Her Smile not cry”. 

She has noticed how much work still needs to be done and how many women still suffer from Domestic Violence and Abuse and who need help and support from someone who would speak up on their behalf.