Sue Dymond is CEO of Bazooka Bunny Ltd, an international award-winning film and television company based in Bristol, UK. Alongside managing the day to day office environment and as a production manager on projects, she completes voice over work for advertising campaigns and is a recognized broadcast editor on TV series. Sue is also involved with graphic design work for promotional merchandise and production-related skills photography. 

Over the years she has always been inspired with all that is visual and after 7 years in the art industry including picture framing and materials buying, 2 years performing arts at college where she won the Lydia and Charles Thompson award for the most committed student and as an adult, completed levels 1 – 6, Bronze, Silver and Gold tap dancing exams, all with honours, she has continued to express her optimism with her artwork of mainly watercolours and recently (inspired by her artistic Mum) with oil painting. 

It doesn't matter who you are, what qualifications you have, what size of house or flat you live in, what language you speak, where you live in the world or how much money you have or don't have; you and the people that you love should be safe in your own home, to be yourself, without fear, without anxiety.

I am very lucky to be married to someone who I can trust completely and can let me be who I am. Unfortunately, we were not lucky enough to have any children in our lives, so I can only imagine a very small part of what these women’s and children go through.

So, if I can help Opoka in some capacity (although I do not speak Polish!), however small, I will. My only qualification being – just someone who cares.